Sustainable Agriculture

Climate change impacts on agriculture are being witnessed all over the world. Increased temperature, reduced rainfall, drought and flood, low soil productivity are some of the climatic challenges that needs to be catered through a climate resilient approach. Under sustainable agriculture initiative of JK Trust, training is provided to farmers on preparation & use of Bio-inputs, Integrated Farming System & Climate Resilient Agriculture practices for reducing risk and vulnerability of communities & mitigating climate risk & challenges. The project also includes activities on improving soil health, rainwater harvesting, and using improved and climatic tolerant varieties of seeds, capacity building and awareness generation of community about climate resilient practices.

The trust deploys Climate Change Adaptation Planning (CCAP) tool that helps to articulate climate change concerns and identify measures to address them. CCAP tool is community-engaging, easy-to-use, and sensitive enough to capture the different types and degrees of vulnerabilities across communities and is oriented towards localized adaptive action. It provides an initial understanding of the local context and vulnerability profiles and leads into identifying adaptation measures.