The National Education Policy 2020 has been launched with this vision of creating conducive learning environment using technology. JK Trust is working to support the vision of NEP 2020 and has been implementing smart class projects with digital content developed in line with NCERT/SCERT syllabus. Singhania group has rich experience in the education sector and is also running schools which are ranked as one of top schools in the country. In house facilities (studios, infrastructure) & our own team of experts are engaged in developing content which best suits the requirement of students. The Learning Management System so developed helps in real time tracking of performance of the students, comes with topic wise learning module developed in 2D/3D form using Chroma based technology to provide a rich learning experience. Considering the challenges of internet in rural areas, the content can be played in both offline & online mode. More than 5 lakh students have availed benefit of the content & it has paved the way for bridging the urban-rural gap in education pedagogy.

This intervention is designed as a solution of challenges faced by government schools especially located in remote rural areas where old educational teaching methodology of teacher’s results in lack of student’s understanding which ultimately results in Poor performance in basic reading, writing & numeracy which ultimately results in high dropout rate from school. Also teacher absenteeism is also seen that affects the quality of teaching which ultimately deteriorates results of student. The initiative aims to provide students with essential dispositions such as social awareness, scientific temperament, and latest skills in order to prepare them for better life possibilities (both educational and economic) and transform them into community change makers.