Rural Livelihood

The trust has implemented several projects for promoting rural livelihood in different states & in different thematic areas. The trust has implemented Chhattisgarh District Poverty Reduction Project which aimed at creating a homogenous group of people involved in same kind of activities (Common Interest Groups/ Self Help Groups), providing them training & marketing support. By 2009, the Trust developed 429 Common Interest Groups (CIGs)/Self-Help Groups (SHGs) to carry out various livelihood-activities. The project was able to create an impact on the lives of over 2,000 households. The activities included facilitation of village industries like readymade garment stitching, pottery, piggery, shoe making, papad making, mini dal mill etc. This created extensive livelihood opportunities in the area. Services delivery was also encouraged like provision of daily needs, welding works, septic works, saloon, masonry and carpentry. Agriculture-related activities were preferred by many groups owing to a predominant agrarian economy. Activities like Systematic Intensification of Rice (SRI), floriculture, setting up of tube wells, creation of check dams etc. were also carried out.

Similar projects were also implemented in other states like Madhya Pradesh under the project, funded by the Department for International Development (DFID), U.K, was initiated in June 2004 in four predominantly tribal districts. The objective of the project was to create sustainable livelihoods in selected villages of these districts by focusing on regeneration of natural resources and through the capacity building of local communities.